Frequently Asked Questions

What is The 10 Series? 

The 10 series is a systematic way to work the connective tissue or the fascia to help re-align the body with gravity. It is broken down into 10 different sessions.  

Sessions 1-3. Where Am I? 

Sessions 1-3 focus on the sleeve or the outer layers of the connective tissue. This is where we wake up the nervous system or calm down overactive areas. 

  • Session 1: Open up the breath : The territory we work is  neck, shoulders, torso, hips and hamstrings.
  • Session 2: Find your feet and support: The territory is from the knees to the toes
  • Session 3: Lengthen the side line and the front to back relationship: The territory is from the shoulder to the top of the knee.

Sessions 4-7. Who Am I?

Sessions 4-7 focus on "the core" or the deeper layers of connective tissue and begin to differentiate the layers to bring better range of motion and movement patterns. While talking to the brain to help remap the body's awareness of its self. 

  • Session 4: Support from the low leg to the spine: The territory is the mid line from the inside of the foot to the thigh. 
  • Session 5: Psoas: The territory is hips to mid torso
  • Session 6: Sacrum: The territory is hamstrings to shoulders.
  • Session 7: Putting the head on: The territory is the face and head

Sessions 8-10. How I Express Myself in The World. 

During sessions 8-10 we focus on integration. We have integrated during each session but now is the time that we get to really focus on this thing we call integration. During these session our goal is to connect the nervous system outside-in, inside-out, top-bottom and bottom-top. 

  • Session 8 will be an upper or lower session.
  • Session 9 will be an upper or lower session depending on what was done in session 8.
  • Session 10 territory is the whole body.

Working with Children and Teens

We can do single sessions for children and teens. We also do modified 10 series for teens. We find the shorter 30-minute session work better for children and teens. We require a parent or guardian present for every session. 

What to Expect During a Session!

  • Intake/check-in, don rolfing attire
  • Assessments and make a plan for the session
  • Rolfing session on the table and integration seated backwork
  • Re-testing the assessments we did in the beginning
  • Prepare to leave and make arrangements for the following session. Answer any questions. 

What to Wear? What is Rolfing Attire?

  • Women: Bra and underwear(no thongs or g-strings), bikini/tankini swimsuit, workout shorts and sports bra at a minimum. 
  • Men: Underwear (no boxers), tank top and shorts at a minimum.
  • I encourage clients to wear what they are comfortable in. While keeping in mind thick jean like materials or compression materials are difficult to work through at times.
  • Please be freshly showered and have no lotion or oil on your skin (including hands, feet and face).