Price List

Free Consultation

15 min phone call or in person question and answer session. 

Targeted Single Session

A target session is 75 minutes to work on an area that needs extra attention. 


Children/Teen Session: 10-17 years old

A children's session is 30 min of Rolfing. Always being mindful of what the child can and will allow. A parent or guardian must be present. 


Children's Session: 0-9

Free 15-minute mini session. A parent or guardian must be present. Limited appointments are available. 



10 Series*

This package is all 10 sessions consisting of the sleeve sessions 1-3, the core sessions 4-7, and the integration sessions 8-10.


Post 10 Series*

3 separate sessions that address the additional needs of a client. 


Gift Certificates

1 Rolfing Session

3 Rolfing Sessions*

10 Series Package*

These sessions are non refundable and non transferable. 




* For best results it is recommended for sessions to be 1-2 weeks apart with usually no more than 4 weeks apart. 

"We work together to create lasting change!"      Ashley Fitzgerald