What People are Saying!



"I thought I knew what rolfing was, and expected a series of very intense massages. I was surprised to learn how interactive the sessions would be, and how much effort I would contribute to the process. I knew that rolfing involved body work that could hopefully improve some of my physical attributes, but had no idea the extent it would also change my mindset.

The body work is intense. Part of the process is learning how to work and breathe through that intensity, and how to use my mind to help clear the way for progress. I am still using techniques that Ashley taught me to get me through my work day with less discomfort, and the strategies for weightlifting to improve my form.

Two decades of desk work had left my shoulders scrunched up and raised. One of the first, and by far my favorite, benefits was that Ashley was able to get my shoulders down and back. They are staying this way! That alone has done wonders for not only my posture, but I feel my self-esteem and confidence has increased since I have stopped constantly being slouched forward.

It really was an amazing experience, and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do this with such a compassionate and knowledgeable practitioner.



""I didn't know about rolfing until I met Ashley. Rolfing has changed my life, allowed me movement in areas of my body that haven't moved well for years and has overall relieved pain and stiffness. It's given me a new lease on life. Ashley is an amazing practitioner. She is creative in the ways she has taught me to unlock the power of healing in myself.

" Working together to create lasting Change" Ashley  Fitzgerald